Each Upstream member is assigned their own personalized multi-disciplinary health team, guided by your lead medical coach. Your team also consists of your wellness, nutrition and functional movement coaches.

Subject Matter Experts

Upstream carefully selects team members who embody the values of compassionate and thorough whole person care. Get to know the Upstream team from their bios below

Reg Peters, MD, is a physician dedicated to re-imagining our health by focusing on integrative wellness that builds long-term resilience and vitality.
With nearly 20 years of working in the medical field, Lianne specializes in primary care, women’s health, and sexual health.
Lindsay developed a passion for preventative healthcare and wellness while pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.
Dr. Parmar obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Kinesiology, Psychology and the Humanities at Simon Fraser University.
Vanessa is a Registered Dietitian with over 10 years’ experience in supporting people make a difference in their nutrition with Summit Nutrition Counselling.
Ryan thinks that every person has a unique and beautiful core self that contains distinct longings, desires, strengths, and emotions.
Melissa’s passion is to see others live in to the fullness of who they have been designed to be and who they would like to be in their lifetime.
Christina specializes in working with trauma, utilizing a variety of approaches.
Dr. Ian Perry is a sport psychology consultant and clinical counsellor who specializes in helping high performers thrive in sports, work, and life.
Liz Dornian is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach who loves helping people discover how simple, delicious and sustainable healthy eating can be.